Below are some of the common questions we get asked on a regular basis.

The person issued with a Community Resolution or Conditional Caution and offered the scheme at the police station.

The course is delivered mainly online using Zoom. For those who cannot access the appropriate technology, some limited group-based provision will be available.

The online course will use the Zoom platform which enables our trainer to communicate with the participant on a one-to-one basis, outside of the main course delivery environment to perform identification checks, enabling us to remain GDPR compliant and protect confidentiality.

You must contact us within 14 days of issue of your Community Resolution to book on a course. You will need to attend and fully participate in a course within 12 weeks of the date of your offence. Initially courses will be limited and you will be asked to attend the first available course.

The interactive workshop is relaxed and informative and facilitated by a an appropriately experienced facilitator.  There is no Police presence at the course. 

You must sign into the course at least 20 minutes before the course starts.  You will be held in a virtual waiting room and will be allowed into the course by the facilitator at the appropriate time.

If you are late, you will be locked out of the course and this will be classed as failure to attend.  Your case may then be referred back to the Police.

This is a  classroom-based course with no test.

To book onto a course and make a payment, you can book on this website or contact Dyfodol on 0800 368 7343 between 09.00 am and 11.00am Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday and between 2.00pm and 6.00pm on Wednesday.


No.  You will need to provide our course facilitator with the unique Occurrence Number provided by the Police and photographic identification (ID)  on attending the course.    Accepted types of photographic identification (must show photograph and name):
  • A valid Passport
  • Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Photocard driving licence
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • Valid employee identity pass
  • Citizen Card
  • Valid Government-issued identity card
  • SMART card
  • Electoral identity card
  • Photographic disabled badge
  • NUS card photographic (National Union of Students)
  • Photographic university/college ID card
  • Company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic)
  • Council issued bus pass (senior citizens only)
An expired Passport or similar ID may also be accepted unless the photograph bears no resemblance to you.
If you do not have a photographic ID, you can bring two forms of non-photographic ID such as recent utility bill (gas and electric), bank statement and debit/credit card. 
There is a 20-minute period added to the start of each session for participants to register onto the course and provide proof of identification. Our staff will usually be able to verify your ID by viewing it via your webcam, but if that is not clear, you may need to take a photo of your ID and send it to us.
If you arrive without valid identification, you will be refused entry to the course and providing you have sufficient time within your completion date, you will be required to rearrange the course which will incur a rearrangement fee.

If you have a genuine reason for being late or cannot complete the session, due to internet problems for example, you will be given a second opportunity to attend the next course within the deadline set by the police.

If your internet drops out during the course and you are able to re-join immediately, you will be allowed back in to the course. A facilitator may contact you if you are absent for more than five minutes or you drop out for a second time as you will not be allowed to continue that particular course. If we cannot contact you, we will notify the Police that you did not complete the course.

Yes, providing there is sufficient time within the 12 week window given by the Police for you to complete the course. You can change the time, date and venue of the course once you have booked. However, you may incur a charge for changing your booking which is outlined in our terms and conditions.  If you wish to alter/cancel your course date in the seven days prior to your original date, you will be required to pay a £20 rearrangement fee.

If you fail to attend your course and wish to book another date, a £20 rearrangement fee will be required.

In the event of you being unable to attend or complete a course due to illness, a rearrangement fee will be applicable.      

You can only fail the course if:
– You do not attend the full session;.
– You do not demonstrate a willingness to participate in the course, and to consider future life choices around drug misuse.
If you do not manage these requirements you will be considered to have not completed the course in a satisfactory way and your case will be referred back to the Police.  We will notify South Wales or Gwent Police if you fail to comply with any of the above conditions.

If you fail to attend your course and wish to book another date, a £20 rearrangement fee will be required.

In the event of you being unable to attend or complete a course due to illness, a rearrangement fee will be applicable.      

The Police are not involved in the delivery of the course, however, they will be notified once you have attended and completed to ensure that no further action is required.

In the event of your course being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will reschedule it as soon as possible. We will email or write to you advising of the re-arrangement date. You will not incur any cost in this case.

Nothing. Once you have attended and completed the course Dyfodol will update the Police to state that you have attended and completed. This will also update the national Police database and no further action will be taken.

No. You will have to bring your own food if you wish to eat during the break. We will provide facilities for making tea or coffee.

Courses are delivered in the English. In Gwent and South Wales, some courses may be available in the Welsh language. If your understanding of English is not sufficient to be able to understand and participate in the course then you can bring a friend or family member to act as a translator for you free of charge.

You must inform us that you are bringing someone with you to translate.

You will already have signed either a: 
– CR1 for a Community Resolution or 
– MG14 for a Conditional Caution 
which authorises the Police to share your information with Dyfodol and that you have agreed to.

Our trainers will be able to speak to you post course privately if you are seeking more help with your substance use. A range of support information is also available via link on our website.

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